Comprehensive Forest Management Plans

Customers can rely on our combination of Forest Management Plan training, operational experience, and proven capabilities to produce quality products for all aspects of forest management planning. Our extensive knowledge and experience in wood supply modeling can be a benefit to your plan.

Innovators in FMP Tools

Kestrel has developed FMPDocGen (2000 © Kestrel Forestry) to help forest managers produce the tables and documentation required by the Forest Management Planning Manual for Ontario. FMPDocGen quickly produces updates as plans change during the normal course of planning or through amendments. Our flexible software can be completely configured to meet the needs of individual clients while still conforming to the requirements of the manual. FMPDocGen creates detailed AOC and Road Planning supplementary documentation, a complete stand list (with stand volumes), and all FMP tables.


An intimate knowledge and understanding of values data (spatial and attribute) was developed on five major projects over 2 1/2 years working on MNR's Natural Resource Values Inventory System (NRVIS). We also have gained extensive experience implementing MNR's forest management guidelines in the preparation of maps for over six forest management plans. The company has developed efficient methods to accurately map the appropriate area of concern prescriptions as developed for FMP's.

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