Kestrel Forestry has been delivering professional forestry and GIS services since 1998. We have extensive forestry experience going back over 35 years, mostly in northwestern Ontario. Kestrel Forestry is committed to professional, quality work in forestry with the ability to adapt to client processes and methods as a key asset. Our combination of experience and training guarantees delivery of a quality product.


Kestrel Forestry has been providing forestry and GIS services to the forest industry and government in NWOntario for more than 20 years. The company specialises in providing services to the forest sector and has a high priority on keeping abreast of the latest requirements and tools. We understand the need for quick and effective response times for any requests.


Kestrel Forestry's Ontario RPF's have over 40 years of forestry experience in northwestern Ontario. Since inception, we have become proficient to expert with ESRI products and Oracle database management. Kestrel Forestry has worked co-operatively with many companies and individuals, and is able to take direction and offer support as required. We bring together varied experiences and strengths to assure you consistency and quality in all aspects of our work.

Our background covers all aspects of forestry, including forest management planning, harvest operations, silviculture, data collection, wood supply modelling, and independent forest audits. We have a comprehensive understanding of forestry data from collection and analysis through to implementation and evaluating. We have managed large, complex projects, and ensured on-time delivery of quality work. In appropriate situations, we are willing to collaborate with other individuals or consultants. Kestrel Forestry understands, and is fully committed to, the need for client confidentiality.


Kestrel Forestry's main office is located in Thunder Bay with a satellite location in Timmins.

Excellence and Innovation

Kestrel's exacting standards in map development, digitizing services, and implementing large-scale automation projects guarantees customer satisfaction.

Kestrel Forestry