Annual depletion updates, FTG updates

Kestrel Forestry has extensive experience creating and maintaining forest resource inventories. Since 1996, we have completed automation of over 1.9 million hectares on six forests mostly in northwestern Ontario . Four of these involved the new ecosite typing for which we developed a robust attribute quality control application to ensure compliance with MNR specifications. We have also completed annual and multi-year cutover updates on nine forests. We have developed techniques and quality control that ensure accurate photo transfer, edge matching across tile boundaries, no attribute errors, and clean, error-free covers. Our experience is significant in dealing with cutovers, non-cutting depletions, NSR lands, FTG, and how to track and incorporate this data into the inventory in a way that makes ‘forestry sense' as well as creating a clean and uniform database.


Road Updates have been performed generally in conjunction with new inventory automation and annual cutover updates. We have worked with several company coding formats, including MNR's. We have considerable experience in consolidating various databases (OBM road data, existing FRI Lambert roads, new OBM FRI roads) to create an accurate, up-to-date road database. Most recently, we have combined road data from Abitibi, Bowater, Domtar, and Greenmantle to produce a map series for Thunder Bay District. Extensive road updates, naming, and re-coding were completed for three districts during NRVIS projects. We have also done water crossing culvert calculations using MNR's culvert application. A project to inventory water crossings and document inspections was completed.

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