Some organizations currently with GIS capability are having difficulty keeping up with programming and hardware requirements. Also, the highly specialized GIS staff required can be problematic to establish, supervise and maintain. Contracting GIS services appeals to many organizations operating in today's business environment. Both the public and the private sectors wish to insulate themselves from these problems. Contracting GIS services to consultants takes advantage of the portability of their collective tactical GIS experience, their programming expertise, and their contacts. Contracting GIS services to consultants can place organizations at the top of a progressive learning curve immediately, at a relatively low cost.

Large-scale data automation projects

Kestrel offers map development and digitizing services to both the government and the forest industries.

Fulfilling Annual Services Requirements

Kestrel can tailor a solution to integrate into your workflow and needs to prepare Annual Work Schedules (AWS), revisions/amendments, and Annual Reports. We provide AWS proposal maps, invoicing maps for completed projects, and the data needed for harvest and silviculture operations including stand lists, timber volume estimates, and summary tables. We also have experience working with TREES data used for reporting actual volumes and utilization.

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